WATCH Santa Claus is Coming to Town with audio from VH-1’s Prison Wives Club

Santa may be coming to town, but it’s gonna be 23 years with parole before you get to see him. 

BTW, If you missed Jimmy Kimmel Live’s Rudolph the Re-Nosed Reindeer with audio from Maury, check it out here


WATCH a day in the life of The World’s Busiest Santa

Of course we all know that the REAL Santa lives at and works from the North Pole, so there are many helper Santas around the world that assist in spreading the joy, and this is the busiest one (we know that because he hails a cab).  There’s a lot that happens in between all the making and delivering of toys!


This guy is a professional rapper wrapper

This video of someone literally just wrapping a present has racked up about a million views on YouTube, which tells me we all think it’s a pretty laborious process and we’re all looking for a better way to do it.  No wonder the Spellings had a gift wrapping room in their house!