Check Out The Hot New Poster for Magic Mike XXL

Yes, there’s a sequel.  Yes, I’m guessing the crotch placement of words was intentional.  Yes, there seems to be even more abs on this poster than on the first one (below), despite only being a picture of Channing Tatum this time. 


The hot male leads of every Nicholas Sparks movie morphed into one person

Ryan Gosling + Zac Efron + Richard Gere + Channing Tatum + Kevin Costner + Josh Duhamel + Shane West + Liam Hemsworth = this vaguely handsome guy with surprisingly bad hair. Buy him some leave-in conditioner!   Pic via Reddit


Channing Tatum channels his inner Jean-Claude Van Damme with his OWN epic split video

And he does it in character/costume on the set of 22 Jump Street.  If you haven’t seen Jean-Claude’s video, you really should.  It’s below.

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