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Kim Kardashian Did A Hype Energy Drink Commercial And It Is Super Bizarro

It also poses so many questions. Would you actually buy a drink loaded with tons of caffeine from a pregnant woman that shouldn’t be drinking caffeine? If Kim was, in fact, drinking this energy drink, then why does she fall off the bike in the first place (she should be full of energy!)? Whose idea was it to dress kim like Audrey Hepburn? Why isn’t Kanye riding the bike with her like in his “Bound 2” music video?


Elizabeth Berkley pays homage to her Jessie Spano caffeine freakout

When Elizabeth Berkley signed-on for Dancing with the Stars, we wanted to see two things: some sort of recognition of her dancing background (aka acknowledge Showgirls), and a tip of the hat to her legendary Saved by the Bell/“I’m So Excited” caffeine freakout.  The first may never happen (though there’s still hope), and the second DID happen.

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