Photoshop brilliance: Celebrities posing with old versions of themselves

Under most circumstances, I’d attribute the kind of Photoshop awesomeness seen above to a person having way too much time on his/her hands.  But the folks at Buzzfeed have turned “having way too much time on their hands” into a “successful business model.”  Above, you see young *NSYNC-era curly-haired-frosted-tips Justin Timberlake photographed next to solo artist-adult-married-to-Jessica-Biel Justin Timberlake.  There’s a lot more celebs with the old versions of themselves here.  Check them out, if only to see the varying stages of plastic surgery known as Joan Rivers.


The girl above? That’s Avril Lavigne.  Seriously.

We used to see high school yearbook photos of celebs in their awkward years all the time, but not as much lately.  Maybe all the Facebooking/Tweeting/Instargramming/etc. has made us less interested since we see celebs in allegedly unguarded moments all the time now. 

Either way, Buzzfeed did a great new roundup of yearbook photos.  Some are ones we’ve seen before (I think everyone has seen the Madonna one more than a few times), but I especially like the Avril Lavigne, Eminem, Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Swift pix.  See the full Buzzfeed post here.