Britney Spears sure does look like someone who is not Britney Spears on the cover of Women’s Health

Some say it’s a massive Photoshop job while others say it’s just really good makeup contouring. After watching this video, I seem to think it’s a combination of both


This is supposedly Lady Gaga and Britney Spears backstage at Brit’s Vegas show

I say supposedly because that looks NOTHING like Britney Spears.  Perhaps it’s the stage makeup mixed with bad lighting in the room mixed with an amateur photographer using a smartphone (photo via Gaga’s Twitter, btw)?  I actually think it looks a little like actress Sarah Chalke (from Scrubs and Roseanne).  Thoughts?


This is what Britney Spears (allegedly) sounds like when she’s singing live

And this is why we let Britney use Autotune.

UPDATE:  To be clear, this is not what the audience hears at a Britney show.  They hear a polished pre-recorded vocal track and Britney lip syncs to it.  This is isolation of just Britney’s microphone, something only the sound guy would normally be able to hear. 

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