Pre-fame Robin Thicke used to look all kinds of grungy

Robin Thicke has one of the biggest songs of the year with “Blurred Lines” and is Mr. Super-Handsome-Guy, but when he first started recording that wasn’t always the case.  Up until about 2005, Robin was doing music using simply his last name Thicke, and this is one of Thicke’s videos.  The guy above that looks like a reject from a 90’s grunge band?  That’s Robin, before he wisely hired a stylist! 


It’s Thicke vs. Thicke

Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” gets mashed up with the theme to his dad’s Alan Thicke’s TV show Growing Pains, and it’s kind of awesome.

Random trivia: Alan Thicke actually wrote two of the most recognizable TV themes from the 80’s, for Diff’rent Strokes and Facts of Life, but didn’t write the Growing Pains theme.