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WATCH The Hilarious And Bizarre Music Video That Makes “Gangham Style” Look Sane By Comparison

Remember when you first saw the video for Psy’s “Gangham Style” or Rebecca Black’s “Friday” how your jaw was on the floor as you tried to comprehend what the hell was happening on the screen? This is like that x1000. All you need to know: singing and dancing Sumo wrestlers.

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Kim Kardashian Did A Hype Energy Drink Commercial And It Is Super Bizarro

It also poses so many questions. Would you actually buy a drink loaded with tons of caffeine from a pregnant woman that shouldn’t be drinking caffeine? If Kim was, in fact, drinking this energy drink, then why does she fall off the bike in the first place (she should be full of energy!)? Whose idea was it to dress kim like Audrey Hepburn? Why isn’t Kanye riding the bike with her like in his “Bound 2” music video?


SEE a giant portrait of Taylor Swift… made of Legos

It was constructed over the course of the weekend by guests staying at the Legoland Windsor Resort in the U.K. This is amazing and all, but I thought it was her buddy Ed Sheeran that was the REAL Lego fan.


Jingle Cats take on Papa Roach “Last Resort”

You know that Papa Roach song “Last Resort?”  Haven’t you always thought it would sound better if sung by cats instead?  Your wish is finally here!  Plus, since it’s the holiday season, the video features the singing cats in Christmas hats… because of course.  



Here’s the $10,000 grill Amanda Bynes ordered before she was under psychiatric care

If you’ve ever had a wild night of partying and woken up the next morning to find receipts in your pocket for places you don’t remember visiting, this is sorta like the celebrity version of that.  Amanda Bynes (the one that was an aspiring rapper) ordered this grill from jeweler/grillmaker-to-the-stars Ben Baller before she was placed under psychiatric care and it’s now finished… though he make take a wash on this one as it’s doubtful she still has her claim ticket. If you’ve ever wondered what $10,000 of rose gold and pink diamonds Krazy glued to a retainer looks like, wonder no more.  Pic is from Ben’s Instagram, and he says he may auction them off for charity (smart PR move).

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Kanye West encounters paparazzi, doesn’t have meltdown

Despite his scowl in the pic up above, Kanye West does sometimes crack a smile (usually when talking about how great Kanye West is).  But, he’s made such a reputation for himself as being someone who hates the paparazzi that it’s like opposite day seeing him actually play nice with them.  See nice Kanye in action here.  (It’s like Kim Kardashian has finally shown Kanye how to embrace being a fame-monger.)

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This is the next Friday / Gangham Style / Harlem Shake

Get used to hearing this song, because it’s gonna be EVERYWHERE in the next few weeks.  But for now, you can say you were early to the party, so go ahead and share this one like crazy (and by crazy, I mean this song/video) 

It comes from 2 Norwegian brothers known as Ylvis who host a variety show there called “I Kveld Med YLVIS” which I’m nearly certain translates to “laughing all the way to the bank." 

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