WATCH the FIGHT that breaks out… during a bicycle race!

Sure, hockey players get into fights while on ice skates, but that’s nothing compared to a fight that breaks out between two cyclists on wheels. I really want to know what led to this!


THIS GUY was our hope at finding the Capitol shooter yesterday

Rather than use yesterday’s shooting outside the capitol as an opportunity to talk about the pros and cons of gun reform, the media (and then the internet) instead decided to make this shirtless bike-riding wonder a star.  Thanks to Twitter user and National Journal staffer Matt Vasilogambros and his picture above, the guy even earned the nickname “Bro Witness.”  (Ironic that Matt himself literally has the word “bros” as part of his last name).

I’d sarcastically say, “yay for America,” except the dude is actually from New Zealand.  And, as it has been stated in several publications, his friends think, “he’s a f**khead.”  So there’s that. 

Some of my favorite tidbits about this guy reported as actual news:

  • “Witnesses said he hadn’t been wearing a shirt all day.”
  • “Shirtless Dolphins’ fan capitol shooting witness not from Miami.”
  • “The Bro Witness’ rise to fame in the US comes the same week Auckland singer Lorde topped the Billboard Hot 100.”

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