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Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian Both Channel Elizabeth Taylor

Liz Taylor is either rolling in her grave or beaming rays of light over two homages being paid to her right now. One is Kim Kardashian as Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra for Violet Grey, and the other is Katy Perry as Andy Warhol’s take on Elizabeth Taylor for Harper’s Bazaar. Were they able to pull of their respective looks?


Melissa McCarthy’s Elle cover has some people’s (skin tight) panties in a bunch

I’d like to point out that I was a fan of Melissa McCarthy before Bridesmaids.  She was fantastic on Gilmore Girls, and I had seen her kill on stage at the L.A. improv institution The Groundlings.  Now that Melissa is finally the movie star she was destined to be, she’s doing stuff other movie stars do… like magazine covers.  Melissa’s Elle cover (above) is under fire, though, because they’ve covered her up with a big coat (vs. other Elle covers that feature women in more form-fitting outfits). 

I’m gonna call BS on this non-troversy, though.  Melissa agreed to do the Elle cover, she posed for the picture, she wore the coat.  That photo would not have appeared on a magazine cover without the approval of Melissa’s publicist.  Melissa is not a skinny supermodel, and seemily has no problem with that.  In fact, she quite readily uses her size to her advantage for her craft.  Hell, her size pretty much IS the concept of her sitcom Mike & Molly). AND, most importantly, the same people crying foul now would have cried foul had Melissa instead appeared in a 2 piece bikini on the cover.

Moral of the story: Melissa is a very attractive woman who can rock a fantastic coat on a well-deserved magazine cover, and good for her.

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How to wash your hair… IN OUTER SPACE

I’m not really known for sharing beauty tips on my blog, but astronaut Karen Nyberg did a video showing us something we’ve all probably wanted to know even if we didn’t know that we wanted to know… how to wash one’s hair when there’s zero gravity.