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The San Francisco Giants Recreated The Opening Credits To Full House Shot-For-Shot

There’s an upcoming Full House Lifetime unauthorized behind-the-scenes tell-all, the upcoming Netflix re-boot called Fuller House, and now the San Francisco Giants have done a shot-for-shot remake of the opening credits called Full Clubhouse. We as a nation officially have Full House fever!


50 Cent threw the first pitch at a Mets game and it did not go well

To be fair, my pitch would have been just as bad… I just don’t have new music to promote. 

In the version below, MLB adds insult to injury by constantly replaying his bad pitch over and over and over as they interviewed him about his new music.


SEE the Hero Cat throw out the first pitch at a baseball game

Hero Cat became a viral superstar last week after saving a boy from a  dog attack, and now Hero Cat is making appearances… like throwing out the first pitch at a game.  But, since it’s a CAT, it’s more like the owner throws out the first pitch while holding a cat.