Fatherhood has already changed Simon Cowell into a big pile of mush

He’s been posting adorable pix of his new baby Eric on Twitter, and it appears that having a son has realllly softened one of the prickliest men in entertainment.  


You can now replace all photos on a webpage with Ryan Gosling.  Seriously.

About a year ago, a company came out with an a Facebook app called Unbaby Me that would replace all the baby pix in your Facebook feed with pictures of other things (so you wouldn’t have to be inundated with all of your friends’ potentially annoying baby photos).  

Well the creators have now completely outdone themselves with a new Chrome extension that will replace all the photos of any website you wish with pix of Ryan Gosling.  If you haven’t given up Internet Explorer yet, this might be the tipping point.  The extension is called Hey Girl (obvs), and you can get it here.  And you can get Google Chrome here.