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SEE the High School Campus That Looks Like the Millenium Falcon from Star Wars

When I tell people that I grew up near Allentown, PA, most people invoke the Billy Joel song with the SUPER-homoerotic video. Others are familiar with Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom. But with the latest Star Wars movie hitting theaters next week, there may be renewed interest in the fact that Allentown’s Parkland High School campus looks A LOT like the Millenium Falcon. School officials continue to deny that the design is deliberate, but their architect at H. Solo & Assoc. probably knows differently.

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SEE The Stunning Skyscraper In Australia That’s Inspired By Beyonce

These are artist renderings of a skyscraper being built in Melbourne, Australia called the Premiere Tower, and the architects say the building is inspired by the curves of Beyonce. Three words: Oh. Em. Gee. Photos and details about the project are from the architecture firm’s website.