SEE The Stunning Skyscraper In Australia That’s Inspired By Beyonce

These are artist renderings of a skyscraper being built in Melbourne, Australia called the Premiere Tower, and the architects say the building is inspired by the curves of Beyonce. Three words: Oh. Em. Gee. Photos and details about the project are from the architecture firm’s website.


This elephant just took the selfie to end all selfies

The credit for this pic doesn’t go to traveler Christian LeBlanc (though the pic is from his Instagram), it goes to the elephant! Christian was traveling through Thailand with his girlfriend when he came across the big guy (or gal). When Chrstian fed the elephant some bananas, the elephant grabbed his Go Pro and grabbed this epic selfie (and then dropped a mic). 


Rihanna won Met Gala last night and wins the internet today with this dress

Even Belle from Beauty and the Beast would be in awe. 

Also: kudos, internet, for working so fast on the memes. This is hands-down my favorite one so far.