This Is The One Minions Product Tie-In The World Absolutely Doesn’t Want Or Need


Maybe you’ve seen the Minions on your Amazon boxes, or Minions Marshmallow Peeps (amazing!), but Minions TAMPONS, really?!?!? Thankfully, the tampons aren’t a REAL Minions product-tie in, but the above image was tweeted out by Kotex Puerto Rico to show their excitement for the movie. I’m guessing the Kotex customer base wasn’t as excited at the prospect of having eyes down there as Kotex deleted the pic (but it lives on… thx, internet!).


UNEARTHED: Test Footage Of Nicolas Cage as Superman

Back in the 90’s, DC Comics and Warner Bros. wanted to re-boot the Superman franchise, and for a blink-and-you-missed-it moment, Nicolas Cage was officially on board to play him (with Tim Burton directing). Nic is famously obsessed with Superman (he literally named his son Kal-El, Superman’s birth name), so he very much wanted to do the movie. Now some old footage of Nic in costume has emerged, and it begs the question: would America have been on-board with a Superman that wears a deep v-neck?