Just the other night, I was talking to a 25-year old friend of mine who didn’t know that Mark Wahlberg had a music career (and Calvin Klein modeling career) before becoming a big movie star (and considering that career was about 25 years ago, I didn’t feel bad that my friend didn’t know about it).

A lot of people who DO remember Mark’s music career don’t realize that before Mark Wahlberg even became rapper Marky Mark (he of “and the Funky Bunch” fame), he was also an original member of New Kids on the Block (alongside brother Donnie), but ultimately dropped from the group before because he was too young. So it was especially cool that Mark Wahlberg recently joined the New Kids on stage at Madison Square Garden in New York.

Here’s video of the reunion (along with 50 Cent!), you can jump ahead to about the 5:00 mark to see Mark.

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