Here’s this year’s $10-million Victoria’s Secret Bra

Every year, Victoria’s Secret makes a super-crazy-expensive bra encrusted with diamonds and other gems.  The point is to get people talking about Victoria’s Secret right before holiday shopping time, though I think the result really is that it secretly tells potential customers, “Our products are ridiculously over-priced and unbelievably impractical and uncomfortable.”  I mean seriously, other than a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, can you name even ONE possible scenario where a $10-million dollar bra seems even the slightest bit practical?

BTW, when I was young I used to jokingly ask, “Why isn’t there also a Victor’s Secret that sells men’s underwear?” but now i ask it in complete seriousness.  Mens’ underwear is big business and Victoria’s Secret is hugely associated with sexy undergarments.  They’re missing a prime piece of the market.  Run with it, business world!

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