Will Ferrell / Ron Burgundy did 70 (yes, SEVENTY) commercials for Dodge Durango

This is brilliance in marketing where everybody wins:  Dodge wants to hire a big movie star to do their ad campaign, but they don’t have the budget of Ford or Chevy.  Paramount Pictures wants to promote the hell out of Anchorman 2, but doesn’t wanna take the gamble on spending the money for a huge ad campaign because comedy sequels don’t often do as well at the box office as action sequels.  The solution: Will Ferrell (as Ron Burgundy) did 70 commercials for the Dodge Durango.  Dodge pays for the production of the commercials and buys the advertising time, and Paramount gets 70 different commercials to showcase why people thought Ron Burgundy was so funny in the first place.

Above is one of the 70 commercials, there are more here (and if you find others, please feel free to shoot me a message through Facebook or Twitter).

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