Katy Perry employs some SUPER brilliant marketing 

Katy Perry’s new album “Prism” is coming out on October 22.  We know this because yesterday, Katy’s team sent a shiny gold semi out onto the streets of Los Angeles to spread the word.  BTW, I said Katy’s “team” sent the truck rather than just Katy because something tells me Katy didn’t personally call trucking companies to get the best quote.  

Why is this brilliant?  Because everyone that saw the truck was posting pix on Twitter (the above is from Adam Lambert’s Twitter feed).  And Katy has promised to RT anyone who posted their own picture of it.  Rather than simply asking her fans to get the word out, Katy is incentivizing fans AND non-fans them to do the work (because in 2013 there is no greater currency than a potential growth of one’s Twitter presence).

Katy also promises that Los Angeles is just the “first stop on the map” for the truck, so if you do spot it, make sure you use the hashtag #Prism.

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